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Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets Regulations (SOR/2016-152)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2022-12-19. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 11(Sections 31 and 37)Test for Stability of Cradles, Bassinets and Stands

  • 1 The following method is to be used for testing the stability of a cradle or bassinet or of a stand when it is used with such a product:

    • (a) assemble the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions, omitting any attachments that could interfere with the conduct of the test;

    • (b) set up a horizontal test surface with an aluminum angle stop that is, subject to paragraph (c), 25 mm high and 25 mm wide and that is at least 150 mm longer than the product that is being tested;

    • (c) if the cradle or bassinet has a rocking base, the angle stop must be of a height that, when the product is tilted, no part of its rounded base moves on top of the angle stop;

    • (d) position the product in one of the manufacturer’s recommended use positions and place it against the angle stop;

    • (e) place a CAMI Newborn Dummy with its arms and legs straightened and face up on the geometric centre of the appropriate mattress or, in the case of a product that is designed to be used without a mattress, on the geometric centre of the surface that supports the weight of the child;

    • (f) gradually apply a 10-kg static vertical load over a period of five seconds to the location along the upper horizontal rail on the side that is closest to the angle stop and that is most likely to tip the product over;

    • (g) while maintaining the vertical load, gradually apply a horizontal force of 22 N in the direction of the angle stop, over a period of five seconds, to the same location where the vertical load is applied;

    • (h) maintain both the vertical load and the horizontal force for a further 10 seconds;

    • (i) rotate the product 90° and repeat the steps set out in paragraphs (d) to (h);

    • (j) repeat the step set out in paragraph (i) twice more;

    • (k) repeat the steps set out in paragraphs (d) to (j) for all the other manufacturer’s recommended use positions; and

    • (l) if the cradle or bassinet is designed or advertised to be used with a stand, put the product on the stand according to the stand manufacturer’s instructions and repeat the steps set out in paragraphs (b) to (k).


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