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Coast Guard Radio Station Communications Charges Order, 1994 (SOR/94-501)

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Coast Guard Radio Station Communications Charges Order, 1994



Registration 1994-07-06

Order Prescribing Charges To Be Paid for Ship/Shore Communications Services Provided by Coast Guard Radio Stations

The Minister of Transport, pursuant to paragraph 19(1)(b)Footnote * of the Financial Administration Act and Order in Council P.C. 1994-641 of April 21, 1994Footnote **, hereby makes the annexed Order prescribing charges to be paid for ship/shore communications services provided by Coast Guard Radio Stations, effective September 1, 1994.

Ottawa, July 6, 1994

Minister of Transport

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Coast Guard Radio Station Communications Charges Order, 1994.


 In this Order,

Coast Guard Radio Station

Coast Guard Radio Station means a shore-based radio station operated by the Canadian Coast Guard; (station radio de la Garde côtière)


originator, in the case of a communication transmitted to a ship, includes the landline company from which the communication was received by the Coast Guard Radio Station; (envoyeur)


owner, in respect of a ship, includes the operator of the ship. (propriétaire)


  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), this Order applies to every communication transmitted to a ship by means of a Coast Guard Radio Station or transmitted from a ship to a Coast Guard Radio Station.

  • (2) This Order does not apply to

    • (a) an AMVER report forwarded through a Coast Guard Radio Station; or

    • (b) a communication

      • (i) in respect of an aid to navigation, ice, ice routing, medical advice, pollution, weather, any navigational hazard or the safety of a life, or

      • (ii) addressed to a part of or a member of the Canadian Coast Guard that involves a report of a ship movement, position or condition.


 The charge payable for transmitting a communication of the type set out in column I of an item of the schedule for the period of time or number of words set out in column II of that item is

  • (a) as set out in column III of that item, where the communication

    • (i) is transmitted from or to a ship registered in or licensed by Canada, or

    • (ii) is transmitted from Canada; and

  • (b) as set out in column IV of that item, for any other communication.

  • SOR/95-277, s. 1

 A charge payable pursuant to section 4 shall be paid to the Receiver General for Canada by

  • (a) the originator, where the communication is transmitted to a ship; or

  • (b) the owner of the ship, where the communication is transmitted from a ship.

  •  (1) Payment of a charge payable pursuant to paragraph 4(b) shall be made in United States dollars.

  • (2) For the purpose of subsection (1), one United States dollar is equivalent to 2.5374 gold francs.


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