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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Public Complaints Commission Rules of Practice (SOR/93-17)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

Intervention (continued)

  •  (1) A motion to intervene may be heard at any time, date and place fixed by the Commission, including at the time fixed for a conference or teleconference that is held in accordance with section 12.

  • (2) The Registrar shall serve on the person who filed the motion, the parties and interested persons a notice of the time, date and place at which the motion shall be heard.

  •  (1) Where the Commission grants or denies a motion to intervene, the Registrar shall serve on the parties, the interested persons and the person who filed the motion notice thereof.

  • (2) Where a motion to intervene is granted,

    • (a) the Registrar shall serve on the interested person who filed the motion copies of the documents filed by the parties and the other interested persons prior to the granting of the motion; and

    • (b) each party and interested person shall serve on the interested person who has filed the motion, copies of all documents served on the day the motion is granted and thereafter.

Hearing in Private

  •  (1) Where the Commission directs that a hearing or a portion thereof is to be held in private in accordance with subsection 45.45(11) of the Act, the hearing may be attended only by the following persons who complete and file Form 2 set out in the schedule:

    • (a) the parties, interested persons, counsel and authorized representatives of the parties and interested persons; and

    • (b) any other person that the Commission considers should be present.

  • (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), the required Commission staff, including stenographers and interpreters, may attend a hearing or portion thereof that is held in private.

  • (3) Records with respect to the hearing or portion thereof that is held in private that are filed with the Commission shall be marked “Confidential/Confidentiel” and kept separate from the public record.

  • (4) The Commission may authorize persons who have filed a Form 2 to make copies of the records referred to in subsection (3) and of the transcripts of the hearing or portion thereof that is held in private.

  • (5) Where an expert witness is to testify at a hearing in private, the Commission may authorize, subject to any condition the Commission imposes, confidential information to be made available to that witness.

  • (6) A person referred to in subsection (1) who is present at a hearing in private shall submit the person’s transcripts, notes, and any other records to the Commission at the conclusion of the arguments.


 During normal business hours, the Commission shall make available to the parties and interested persons records filed in the course of the proceedings, other than a hearing in private, and shall permit the persons to make copies thereof.

 The Commission may, in the interests of justice, adjourn any hearing for such time, date and to such place and on such terms as the Commission considers advisable.

 No portion of the proceedings is invalid by reason of an irregularity in form or procedure.


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