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Esquimalt Graving Dock Regulations (SOR/89-332)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01 and last amended on 2018-09-26. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE(Paragraph 4(2)(e), subparagraph 5(1)(c)(i), section 34 and subsection 36.1(1))

Dock Charges

Column 1Column 2
ItemServices and FacilitiesBase Charges ($) (April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019)
2Draining, per section5,569.60
3Berthage, per metre, per day6.51
4Rail-mounted crane, per hour
  • (a) with light hook;

  • (b) with main hook, up to 50-tonne lift, and

  • (c) with main hook, over 50-tonne lift

5Mobile crane, per hour
  • (a) 9-tonne crane;

  • (b) 20-tonne crane;

  • (c) 30-tonne crane;

  • (d) Forklift; and

  • (e) Tower crane

6Air compressor (first), per manifold hour125.00
7Air compressor (second), per manifold hour119.33
8Air compressor (wheeled), per manifold hour62.50
9Motorized vessel, per hour206.61
10Fresh water, per cubic metre1.43
11Electric power, per kilowatt hour0.17
12Tie-up or letting go903.94
13Overtime labour services, drydock employee, per hour110.55
14Security services, per vessel, per day511.37
15Dockage, 1 section, per day3,341.76
16Dockage, 2 sections, per day11,139.21
17Dockage, 3 sections, per day15,594.87
18Dockage per day: under 5 000 gross tonnage0.00
19Dockage per day: 5 000 – 34 999 gross tonnage0.13 x the vessel’s gross tonnage
20Dockage per day: 35 000 – 69 999 gross tonnage0.12 x the vessel’s gross tonnage
21Dockage per day, 70 000 – 89 999 gross tonnage0.10 x the vessel’s gross tonnage
22Dockage per day: over 89 999 gross tonnage0.09 x the vessel’s gross tonnage
23Sewer discharge, per litre0.01
24Vacuum loader73.86
  • SOR/2009-324, s. 16
  • SOR/2018-188, s. 3

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