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Canada Oil and Gas Diving Regulations (SOR/88-600)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

SCHEDULE IV(Paragraph 12(2)(b))


First Aid Supplies for a Diving Operation

Column IColumn IIColumn III
2ScissorsMayo, 7″1
3Shell DressingsLarge2
4Surgical GlovesPairs of sizes 8, 9, 102 each
5Gauze Roller BandageSterile, 2″ and 3″1 each
6Gauze SpongesSterile, 4″ × 4″, pack of 1001
7Adhesive PlasterRoll1
8ScalpelsDisposable, No. 10 & 11 blades1 each
9Scalpel BladesNo. 10 & 112 each
10LaryngoscopeLarge adult blade, with spare batteries & bulb1
11Mouth Gag1
12Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation Tube2
13Oropharyngeal AirwaysSizes 3 & 41 each
14Suction ApparatusNon-electric (e.g. Ambu foot operated)1
15Minor Surgical TrayRibbon Retractor1
Army-Navy Retractor2
Rake Retractor, sharp1
Rake Retractor, blunt1
Towel clips6
Pack, sterile, containing:
Needle driver2
Self-retaining retractor, blunt1
Sponge forceps2
Scissors, straight Mayo1
Scissors, curved Mayo1
Scissors, curved Metz1
Artery (haemostat)6
Russian forcep2
Knife handle No. 31
Knife handle No. 41
Forceps, toothed2
16Dressing TraySterile, containing:
Small cup1
Combine pad1
Gauze 4″ × 4″6
Gauze 2″ × 2″10
Dressing towel1
Artery forceps2
Tissue forceps1
17Intravenous-giving setse.g. Travenol 2C2027 Blood administration set4
18Intravenous cannulaeGauges 15, 16 & 142 each
19Intravenous cannulaGauge 16, 8″, for central venous placement1
20Alcohol injection swabse.g. Webcol24
21Trochar cannulaee.g. Argyle, No. 10, 23 cm2
22Heimlich chest drain valvese.g. Bard Parker No. 34602
23Syringes10 ml6
24Syringes20 ml6
25Needles, hypodermicGauges 23, 21 and 166 each
26Foley bladder catheter14 & 16 French gauges1 each
27Urinary drainage bag1
28Endotracheal tubesCuffed, 7 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm & 9.5 mm1 each
29Wire introducerFor use with endotracheal tubes1
30Suction catheters2
31Blood tubes (not vacutainers)Silicone coated, no additive2
32Blood tubes (not vacutainers)Non-silicone coated, EDTA2
33Resuscitator bagLaerdal, with 100% 02 fitting and fitting for connection to BIBS1
34Xylocaine1%, without epinephrine, 10 ml4
35Xylocaine gelUrethral, 2% tube1
36Bridine solution100 ml, for skin prep1
37Dextran 70 (Macrodex) in saline500 ml2
38Dextrose 5% Saline1000 ml, bag of4
39Saline 0.9%1000 ml, bag of4
40Heparin injections500 µ/ml, 2 ml vial1
41Diazepam injection10 mg in 2 ml6
42Benadryl injection50 mg in 1 ml6
43Furosemide injection40 mg in 2 ml6
44Dexamethasone injection4 mg, 10 ml vial2
45Aspirin tablets324 mg50
46Thermometer, electronicThermocouple or thermistor1
48AuriscopeWith spare batteries & bulb1
49Reflex hammer1
50Band AidsBox1
51Anaeroid sphygmomanometer1
52FlashlightWith spare batteries & bulb1
53SuturesSilk, 3/0 on curved cutting needle6
54SuturesSilk, 0/0 on heavy curved needle6
55SuturesChromic catgut, 2/0 on curved taper needle6
56SuturesChromic catgut, 0/0 on curved taper needle6
57TiesSilk, 0/06
58TiesSilk, 2/06
59TiesSilk, 3/06


First Aid Supplies To Be Kept in a Diving Bell or in the Compression Chamber of a Diving Submersible

Column IColumn IIColumn III
2Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation Tube1
3Mouth Gag1
4Oropharyngeal Airways2
5Adhesive PlasterRoll1
6Band AidsAssorted sizes, flat1
7Shell DressingsLarge2
8Shell DressingsSmall2
9Scissors, Mayo7″1

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