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Canada Oil and Gas Diving Regulations (SOR/88-600)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

SCHEDULE I(Paragraph 4(4)(a))Procedures Manual

  • 1 The procedures manual for a diving program shall contain the standard operating procedures to be followed in any diving operation that will be part of the diving program and shall include

    • (a) the procedures for any consultations with the person in charge of any craft or installation from which the diving operation is conducted;

    • (b) the procedures to be followed by each person involved in a dive that will be part of the diving program, including a diver, stand-by diver, pilot, attendant and supervisor;

    • (c) for each depth and each type of dive, the procedures for

      • (i) conducting the dive, taking into account

        • (A) local meteorological and sea-state conditions, and

        • (B) hazards such as strong currents, man-made structures and activities, other than diving, being conducted in the vicinity,

      • (ii) the selection of the appropriate breathing mixture, decompression tables and treatment tables to be used in the dive,

      • (iii) the use, inspection and maintenance of the diving plant and equipment, including communications and signalling equipment, to be used in the dive,

      • (iv) the lowering and recovery of a diver and the launching and recovery of any skip, diving bell, diving submersible or ADS to be used in the dive,

      • (v) the completion of the diving operations logbook referred to in paragraph 9(5)(m) and subsection 50(1), including sample entries, and

      • (vi) the making of a decision to commence, continue, interrupt or discontinue the dive, including any conditions to be taken into account in the determination; and

    • (d) a sample of the pre-dive checklist to be followed.


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