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Radiation Emitting Devices Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1370)

Regulations are current to 2024-04-01 and last amended on 2022-09-27. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE I(Section 3)

  • 1 Television receivers, including video monitors and video display systems, being electronic appliances designed to display a picture or alphanumeric information, or both, after receiving signals through electromagnetic waves, cable or other means of transmission and including the cabinet or case of such appliances.

  • 2 Dental X-ray equipment, being radiation emitting devices that are designed primarily for the examination of dental and maxillofacial structures in living humans and that have an X-ray generating tube designed to be used outside the mouth.

  • 3 Microwave ovens, being appliances or sets of components that are designed to supply microwave energy to material within a cavity.

  • 4 A baggage inspection X-ray device, being an X-ray generating appliance designed primarily for the examination of carry-on baggage, or the examination of parcels, mail or similar items, including the X-ray generator, the X-ray detector and display and control systems.

  • 5 A demonstration-type gas discharge device, being a device that

    • (a) contains an electronic device in which glow discharges or X-rays or both may be produced by the acceleration of electrons and ions; and

    • (b) is designed to demonstrate the production, properties or effects of glow discharges or X-rays, or the flow of electrons or ions.

  • 6 Photofluorographic X-ray equipment being X-ray generating appliances designed primarily for the examination of the human chest and the recording photographically in reduced size of the image produced on a fluorescent screen.

  • 7 A laser scanner, being a device that uses scanned laser radiation within the wavelength range of 400 to 1400 nanometres to decipher or generate codes represented by drawn or printed geometrical patterns.

  • 8 A demonstration laser, being a device that consists of or incorporates a laser and that is primarily intended to be used for demonstrating the principles of optics in educational institutions.

  • 9 Low Energy Electron Microscopes being electron-optical devices with an operating energy of 500 kilo-electron volts (keV) or less in which a beam of electrons, focused by means of electron lenses, is used to produce an enlarged image of a minute object on a fluorescent screen, photographic plate or any other detector-display system, including both the transmission and scanning types of devices.

  • 10 High intensity mercury vapour discharge lamps, being lamps incorporating a high-pressure arc discharge tube with a fill consisting primarily of mercury, whether such lamps are described as mercury vapour lamps, metal halide lamps, self-ballasted lamps or otherwise when sold, but not including tungsten filament self-ballasted lamps.

  • 11 Tanning equipment as defined in section 1 of Part XI of Schedule II.

  • 12 Diagnostic X-ray equipment, being radiation emitting devices that use X-rays and are designed for the examination of the human body. The equipment does not include dental X-ray equipment, photofluorographic X-ray equipment, radiation therapy simulators and computer-assisted tomographic equipment.

  • 13 Ultrasound therapy devices, being devices designed to generate and emit ultrasonic power at acoustic frequencies above 20 kHz for use in physical therapy.

  • 14 Analytical X-ray equipment, being X-ray generating devices that contain an X-ray tube and that use X-radiation to determine the elemental composition, or examine the microstructure, of material.

  • 15 Cabinet X-ray equipment, being X-ray generating devices, not including analytical X-ray equipment or baggage inspection X-ray devices, that have the X-ray tube permanently installed in a cabinet and are designed primarily for the examination of material, part or all of which is placed within the cabinet.

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