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Firearms Fees Regulations (SOR/98-204)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2012-09-18. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 2(Section 9)

Fees for Licences — Businesses

Column 1Column 2
ItemBusiness ActivityFee ($)
1Retail sale of firearms
  • (a) selling fewer than 50 non-restricted firearms

  • (b) selling 50 or more non-restricted firearms

  • (c) selling fewer than 50 firearms, including at least 1 restricted firearm or prohibited firearm

  • (d) selling 50 or more firearms, including at least 1 restricted firearm or prohibited firearm

2Selling at auction125
3Taking in pawn250
4Attendance at an out-of-province gun show25
5Wholesale or retail sale of firearms, as an agent125
6Wholesale sale of firearms950
7Manufacture, processing or assembly, other than any activity referred to in item 14,
  • (a) of firearms

  • (b) of prohibited devices (other than replica firearms), prohibited and restricted weapons and prohibited ammunition

8Operating the business of a gunsmith100
9Storage of firearms100
10Transportation of firearms by a carrier125
11Activities of a museum possessing
  • (a) fewer than 20 firearms

  • (b) 20 to 49 firearms

  • (c) 50 or more firearms

12Display or storage of firearms by the Royal Canadian Legion or an organized group of veterans of any armed forces of Canada or of a police force25
13Supplying to, or possessing for the purposes of, motion picture, video, television or theatrical productions, or publishing activities, other than activities referred to in item 14
  • (a) firearms (other than prohibited firearms referred to in paragraph (b)), prohibited weapons and prohibited devices including replica firearms

  • (b) prohibited firearms other than handguns under paragraph (a) of the definition prohibited firearm in subsection 84(1) of the Criminal Code

14For the purposes of theatrical productions or publishing activities, manufacturing or supplying or possessing replica firearms or supplying or possessing firearms except prohibited firearms referred to in item 13(b)50
  • (a) retail sale

  • (b) wholesale sale and manufacturing

16Possession for a purpose referred to in paragraph 22(j) of the Firearms Licences Regulations125
17Possession for a purpose referred to in section 22 of the Firearms Licences Regulations, other than the activities set out in items 1 to 16125
18Activities other than those set out in items 1 to 1750
  • SOR/98-471, s. 12
  • SOR/2004-272, s. 7

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