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Proclamation Designating Certain Countries as Designated States for Purposes of the Act



Registration 1996-01-05

Proclamation Designating Certain Countries as Designated States for Purposes of the Act




Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom, Canada and Her other Realms and Territories QUEEN, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

To All to Whom these Presents shall come or whom the same may in anyway concern,


Deputy Attorney General

A Proclamation

Whereas section 4 of the Visiting Forces Act, chapter V-2 of the Revised Statutes of Canada, 1985, provides that the Governor in Council may by proclamation designate any country as a designated state for the purposes of the Act and declare the extent to which that Act is applicable in respect of any designated state;

Now Know you that We, by and with the advice of Our Privy Council for Canada and pursuant to Order in Council P.C. 1995-1969 of November 23, 1995, do by this Our Proclamation

  • (a) designate the Republic of Benin, the Republic of El Salvador, the Republic of Estonia, the Republic of Latvia, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Nicaragua and Romania as designated states for the purposes of the Visiting Forces Act; and

  • (b) declare that the Visiting Forces Act, with the exception of Part VI, is applicable in respect of the designated states referred to in paragraph (a).

Of All Which Our Loving Subjects and all others whom these Presents may concern are hereby required to take notice and to govern themselves accordingly.

In Testimony Whereof, We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent and the Great Seal of Canada to be hereunto affixed. Witness: Our Right Trusty and Well-beloved Roméo A. LeBlanc, a Member of Our Privy Council for Canada, Chancellor and Principal Companion of Our Order of Canada, Chancellor and Commander of Our Order of Military Merit, Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Canada.

At Our Government House, in Our City of Ottawa, this twenty-eighth day of December in the year of Our Lord one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five and in the forty-fourth year of Our Reign.

By Command,
Deputy Registrar General of Canada

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