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Ocean Data and Services Fees Order, 1993 (SOR/94-282)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

SCHEDULE(Section 3)Fees for Ocean Data and Services


Fees for Data and Analyses from the Marine Environmental Data Services

Column IColumn IIColumn III
ItemData or AnalysesLabour FeesOther Fees
1Oceanographic Station Data$ 29.51$ 0.07 per station
2Quality Control Statistics29.510.01 per station
3Drifting Buoy Map29.516.90 per map
1.00 per plot
4Drifting Buoy Data in GF-329.510.65 per 1 000 messages
5Wave Time Series Plot17.710.18 per month of data
1.00 per plot
6Wave Spectrum Plot17.710.13 per wave record
1.00 per plot
7Wave Spectral Density Data17.710.24 per wave record
8Wave Spectral Density versus Frequency14.760.02 per wave record
9Offshore Environmental Data22.134.49 per computer-compatible tape
10TWL Daily Means Data17.710.26 per station year
11TWL Annual Statistics17.710.25 per station year
12TWL Extreme Statistics17.710.25 per station year
13Canadian Harmonic Constants17.710.25 per station year
14Tourist Tide Tables20.00 per year of  predictions
15TWL Hourly Height Data17.710.03 per station month
16TWL Monthly and Yearly Means Data17.7117.81 per station
17TWL Monthly and Yearly Means Plot17.7117.86 per station
1.00 per plot
18TWL Annual Station Daily Means Plot17.710.24 per station year
1.00 per plot
19TWL 40 Day Station Daily Means Plot17.710.24 per station year
1.00 per plot
20GEOSTAT Altimeter Data22.1331.50 per month
21Tidal Harmonic Analysis29.5122.25 per station
0.26 per station month
22Tidal Predictions22.130.30 per station month


Fees for Services To Provide other Data and Analyses

Column IColumn II
1Labour provided by professional staff$44.49 per hour
2Labour provided by support staff29.51 per hour
3VAX 11/75075.00 per CPU hour
4VAX 6320210.00 per CPU hour
5Calcomp 1055 plotter50.00 per hour (no labour fee)
6VAX 6410350.00 per CPU hour
7Versatec plotter60.00 per hour (no labour fee)
8Image processor44.75 per hour


Fees for Processing and Materials

Column IColumn II
ItemProcessing and MaterialsFees
1Processing of each request for data and analyses$28.00
2Computer-compatible tape22.50 per 731.5 m tape (waived if tape returned)
39 cm computer diskette3.50
413 cm computer diskette1.75
5Photocopy0.12 per page

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