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Maritime Provinces Fishery Regulations (SOR/93-55)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-14 and last amended on 2022-09-27. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE IX(Paragraph 12(2)(c), subsection 28(3) and sections 30, 31, 49, 53.1, 78, 82, 89, 98, 104, 107.1, 107.2, 107.3 and 108)

Winter Fishing Waters in New Brunswick

ItemColumn IColumn IIColumn III
WatersGrid Reference (Map)County
1Lac Baker (Baker Lake)23804480 (Lac Baker 21 N/7)Madawaska
2Bolton Lake10286147 (Forest City 21 G/12)York
3Canoose Flowage30403037 (Rollingdam 21 G/6 and 21 G/5)Charlotte
4Coys Lake (Coy Lake)50797809 (Grand Lake 21 G/16)Queens
5Crocker Lake92209650 (Newcastle 21 I/13)Northumberland
6Despres Lake04306900 (Blackville 21 I/12)Northumberland and Kent
7Douglas Lake05763760 (Saint John 21 G/8)Queens
8Fifth Lake22656324 (McAdam 21 G/11)York
9First Eel Lake03647849 (Fosterville 21 G/13)York
10Fisher Lakes30792009 (Saint John 21 G/8)Saint John
11Foster Lake33005343 (McAdam 21 G/11)York
12Foster Lake38681944 (Rollingdam 21 G/6 and 21 G/5)Charlotte
13French Lake91917249 (Fredericton 21 G/15)Sunbury
14French Lake11318783 (Grand Lake 21 G/16)Sunbury
15Gaspereau Lake17352869 (Boiestown 21 J/8)Sunbury
16Grand Lake29488750 (Grand Lake 21 G/16)Sunbury and Queens
17Grand Falls Headpond between the Highway 2 bridge and the International Bridge at St. Leonard87001600 (Grand Falls 21 O/4)Madawaska
18Grand Falls Flowage18941532 (Rollingdam 21 G/6 and 21 G/5)Charlotte
19Hanson Stream Reservoir02491091 (Musquash 21 G/1)Saint John
20Harts Lake19497651 (Grand Lake 21 G/16)Queens
21Indian Lake10809121 (Grand Lake 21 G/16)Sunbury
22Kilmarnock Deadwater18070411 (Millville 21 J/3)Carleton
23Lake Stream Lake09162128 (Salisbury 21 I/3)Queens
24Lower Nashwaak Lake54222632 (Napadogan 21 J/7)Kent
25Lower Tetagouche Lake16508020 (Tetagouche Lake 21 O/9)Restigouche
26Macs Lake13409740 (Kouchibouguac 21 I/14)Northumberland
27Mactaquac Lake on the Saint John River, from the Mactaquac Dam upstream to the Grafton Bridge in Woodstock37599451 (Canterbury 21 G/14)York and Carleton
28Maquapit Lake18388852 (Grand Lake 21 G/16)Queens and Sunbury
29McManus Lake81434650 (Sussex 21 H/12)Kings
30Middle Lake35861937 (Rollingdam 21 G/6 and 21 G/5)Charlotte
31Middle Tetagouche Lake09708020 (Tetagouche Lake 21 O/9)Restigouche
32Mill Lake75410737 (Rollingdam 21 G/6 and 21 G/5)Charlotte
33Miramichi Lake55494683 (Napadogan 21 J/7)York
34Modsley Lake28835366 (MaAdam 21 G/11)York
35Moores Mills Lake35941566 (Rollingdam 21 G/6 and 21 G/5)Charlotte
36Morice Pond (Silver Lake)94508740 (Amherst 21 H/16)Westmorland
37Chatham Reservoir10100860 (Chatham 21 P/3)Northumberland
38Mud Lake02716951 (Codys 21 H/13)Kings
39Nictau Lake (Big Nictau Lake)58505450 (Nepisiguit Lakes 21 0/7)Restigouche
40North Little River Lake16803980 (California Lake 21 O/8E)Northumberland
41Oromocto Lake56694950 (McAdam 21 G/11)York
42Pabineau Lake92206440 (Bathurst 21 P/12)Gloucester
43Pocowogamis Lake07278548 (Fosterville 21 G/13)York
44Potters Lake29550880 (St. Stephen 21 G/3)Charlotte
45Poucette Lake00401230 (Port Elgin 21 I/1)Westmorland
46Round Lake32908920 (Kouchibouguac 21 I/14)Kent
47Scotch Lake56259108 (Fredericton 21 G/15)York
48Shaddick Lake83191880 (Sevogle 21 P/4)Northumberland
49Sixth Lake20196413 (McAdam 21 G/11)York
50South Little River Lake16593662 (Big Bald Mountain 21 O/1)Northumberland
51Surface mine pondsBounded by a line drawn from grid reference 14009800 to grid reference 14001700, thence to grid reference 86001700, thence to grid reference 86009800 and thence to grid reference 14009800. (Chipman 21 I/4 and Minto 21 J/11)Queens and Sunbury
52Swan Creek Lake11298048 (Grand Lake 21 G/16)Sunbury
53Square Lake04001100 (Port Elgin 21 I/1)Westmorland
54Teagues Lake18607620 (Burnsville 21 P/11)Gloucester
55Thompsons Lake27495738 (McAdam 21 G/11)York
56Tobique Narrows Headpond00568288 (Aroostook 21 J/13)Victoria
57Trousers Lake08005500 (Serpentine Lake 21 O/2)Victoria
58Tuttle Lake14305535 (Forestville 21 G/9)York
59Upper Tetagouche Lake07007925 (Tetagouche Lake 21 O/9)Restigouche
60Washademoak Lake32086855 (Hampstead 21 G/9)Queens
61Wauklahegan Lake27175144 (McAdam 21 G/11)York
62Williamstown Lake00082983 (Florenceville 21 J/5)Carleton
63Windermere Pond23007795 (Kedgwick 21 O/11)Restigouche
  • SOR/2001-452, s. 40

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