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Frontier Lands Registration Regulations (SOR/88-230)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2009-11-03. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE(Section 15)


Column IColumn II
1Registration of a transfer$25 per interest
2Registration of a security notice$50 per interest
3Registration of an instrument other than a transfer or security notice$10 per interest
4Furnishment of a certified exact copy of an abstract$10 plus $0.25 per page copied
5Furnishment of a certified exact copy of an interest or instrument$10 plus $0.25 per page copied
6Provision of any photocopy, form or reproduction$0.25 per page copied
7Inspection of an interest or instrument$1 per document inspected
8Inspection of the daybook$1 per inspection
9Inspection of the register$1 per inspection
10Issuance of an exploration licence$250 per grid or portion thereof
11Continuation of an exploration agreement as an exploration licence where the fees to enter into an exploration agreement as prescribed by the Canada Oil and Gas Interests Regulations have not been paid$250 per grid or portion thereof, for original agreement area
12Application for a significant discovery licence$10 per licence
13Application for a production licence$10 per licence
14Extension by order, of the term of a production licence$10 per extension
15Application for a licence for subsurface storage$250 per grid or portion thereof

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