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Railway Employee Qualification Standards Regulations (SOR/87-150)

Regulations are current to 2021-09-11

Qualification Standards for Examiners

 An employee or officer of a railway company who is an on-job training instructor or a classroom training instructor is qualified to act an an examiner on the subjects on which the employee or officer is qualified to give instruction.

Training Programs and Consultation

  •  (1) A railway company shall establish employee training programs for each occupational category.

  • (2) A railway company shall establish and modify its employee training programs in consultation with the trade unions representing its employees in the occupational categories.

  • (3) Within 90 days after the coming into force of these Regulations, a railway company shall file with the Committee a description of all employee training programs relating to each occupational category.

  • (4) Within 90 days after any change is made to an employee training program required by subsection (1), a railway company shall file with the Committee a description of the change.


  •  (1) For each calendar year a railway company shall submit to the Committee, not later than March 31 of the following year, a comprehensive report on its employee training programs.

  • (2) A report referred to in subsection (1) shall specify

    • (a) the total number of employees in each occupational category;

    • (b) the total number of employees who received training in each occupational category;

    • (c) the number of employees who received training and met the training requirements for each category and the number who failed to meet the training requirements; and

    • (d) any new or improved techniques or devices adopted in the company’s employee training programs.

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