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National Parks Wildlife Regulations (SOR/81-401)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2022-07-30. Previous Versions

Firearms (continued)

 Every person who is in possession of a firearm or trap shall, on the request of a park warden or other peace officer, allow the park warden or peace officer to inspect

  • (a) the firearm or trap; and

  • (b) the permit required for carrying the firearm or trap.

  • SOR/97-102, s. 9(E)

 Every person acting as a guide for any individual or group carrying firearms or traps shall ensure that they are carried in accordance with these Regulations.


 No person shall possess any poison, poisonous substance, gas, narcotic or drug that can be used for the purpose of capturing, injuring or killing wildlife.

  • SOR/97-102, s. 10


 No person shall by radio, telephone, walkie-talkie or any other means communicate the location of wildlife within a park to any other person within or outside a park if either of the persons is hunting.

 No person shall sell or offer for sale in a park any firearm or trap.


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