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Canadian Vickers Dry Dock Regulations (SOR/67-346)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19


Form of Application for Use of Dry Dock

  • To:blank lineCanadian Vickers Limited,
    • Notre Dame Street East,blank lineblank line 19blank line
    • Montreal, Quebec.
  • The Undersigned hereby
    • (a) 
      applies for the vessel hereinafter described to be placed in the blank line Dock for the purpose and time stated, on blank line day of blank line 19blank line;
    • (b) 
      declares that he is authorized to enter into an agreement binding the owner of the vessel and has read and understood the Canadian Vickers Dry Dock Regulations and particularly, but without restricting the generality of the foregoing, the provisions of section 9 in connection with liability for damage to the said vessel; and
    • (c) 
      binds the owner of the vessel to conform to those Regulations and to accept any liability imposed on the owner of the vessel by those Regulations.

Name of Vessel blank line

Owners blank line

Gross Tonnage blank line

Length overall blank line

Length between perpendiculars blank line

Extreme breadth blank line

Draught forward blank line

Draught aft blank line

Type of vessel (screw or paddle, etc) blank line

Bar keel or flat keel (if bar state depth) blank line

Rise of floor amidships blank line

Probable time Dock required blank line

Purpose Dock required blank line

Special features of vessel as regards length of “cut up” forward or aft; camber of keel, if any, and underwater form etc., etc.

(Please state “usual” or if unusual give particulars.)

blank line

blank line

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