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SCHEDULE 1(Subsection 2(1) and 33(2))Information for Extension of Period for Repair of Equipment Component

  • 1 The name and civic address of the operator.

  • 2 The name, job title, civic and postal addresses, telephone number and email address of the operator’s authorized official.

  • 3 The name, job title, civic and postal addresses, telephone number and email address of a contact person, if different from the authorized official.

  • 4 The name of the facility and the federal and provincial identification numbers for the facility, if any, and its civic address or, if the civic address is not available,

    • (a) its latitude and longitude to the third decimal place;

    • (b) its location expressed to the nearest unit of the National Topographic System produced by the Department of Natural Resources; or

    • (c) the legal subdivision within which the facility is located, if it is located in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Alberta.

  • 5 The date on which the next planned shutdown of the facility is to end.

  • 6 The following information in respect of the equipment component for which the extension to the period by which it must be repaired is applied for:

    • (a) the identifier for the equipment component, along with its make and model, if that information is available;

    • (b) the name of its manufacturer, along with the manufacturing location;

    • (c) a description of the equipment component, including an explanation of its functions within the production processes of the facility and how those functions are carried out; and

    • (d) any other information that is relevant to determine whether it is technically feasible to complete the repair of the equipment component before the end of the next planned shutdown.


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