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Marine Personnel Regulations (SOR/2007-115)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2023-12-20. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 3 TO PART 1(Paragraph 2(i) of the table to subsection 134(1) and sections 170 and 171)Steering Testimonial — Information To Be Provided and Required Declaration

  • 1 Name and address of the vessel owner

  • 2 Name and candidate number (CDN) of the applicant

  • 3 Information on the vessel:

    • (a) name

    • (b) port of registry

    • (c) official number

    • (d) type

    • (e) cargo

    • (f) gross tonnage

    • (g) voyage classification

  • 4 Date applicant signed on

  • 5 Date applicant signed off

  • 6 Rank and seniority of applicant

  • 7 The following declaration signed and dated by the master:

    “I certify that the above-named seafarer stood regular watches for a total of blank line hours at the wheel during their service under my command and I am satisfied that the seafarer is a competent wheelsman.”


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