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Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Certificate Regulations (SOR/2004-130)

Regulations are current to 2024-04-01

SCHEDULE 1(Subsection 2(1))Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Certificate

Certificate issued pursuant to section 7.92 of the Aeronautics Act

In the matter of the contravention of (specify designated provision) on (specify date) by (identify contravener)

Having reviewed the materials submitted by the Minister and having verified that no request for a review was filed with the Tribunal, it is hereby certified that:

a monetary penalty in the amount of $(specify amount) was assessed by way of notice:

(tick the correct box)

  •  served on (identify contravener) by personal service on (specify date), or

  •  sent to (identify contravener) by registered or certified mail on (specify date);

(identify contravener) failed to pay the amount of the monetary penalty and did not file a request for review within the time specified in the notice, being on or before (specify date); and (identify contravener) is deemed to have committed the contravention alleged in the notice, and the amount of $(specify amount) specified in the notice is outstanding.

Dated this blank line day of blank line, 20blank line

Signed by: Name of Chairperson or Vice-chairperson of Tribunal

Address of Tribunal


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