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Antarctic Environmental Protection Regulations (SOR/2003-363)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01 and last amended on 2010-09-23. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE 3(Section 26)

Antarctic Specially Protected Areas

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ItemSite No.Footnote for Antarctic Specially Protected Areas1Name of AreaLocation
1101Taylor Rookery, Mac. Robertson Land67°27′S, 60°52′E
2102Rookery Islands, Holme Bay, Mac. Robertson LandWithin a rectangle centred on 67°37′S, 62°32′E
3103Ardery Island and Odbert Island, Budd CoastArdery: 66°22′S, 110°27′E Odbert: 66°22′S, 110°33′E
4104Sabrina Island, Balleny Islands66°57′S, 163°16′E
5105Beaufort Island, Ross Sea76°57′S, 166°56′E
6106Cape Hallett, Victoria Land72°19′S, 170°13′E
7107Emperor Island, Dion Islands, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula67°52′S, 68°42′W
8108Green Island, Berthelot Islands, Antarctic Peninsula65°19′S, 64°09′W
9109Moe Island, South Orkney Islands60°44′S, 45°41′W
10110Lynch Island, South Orkney Islands60°39′S, 45°36′W
11111Southern Powell Island and adjacent islands, South Orkney Islands60°43′S, 45°00′W. The area includes all of Powell Island south of the latitude of the southern summit of John Peaks, together with the whole of Fredriksen Island, Michelsen Island, Christoffersen Island, Grey Island and adjacent unnamed islands.
12112Coppermine Peninsula, Robert Island, South Shetland Islands62°22′S, 59°43′W. The area comprises all the land west of a line drawn from north to south across the peninsula 100m west of the two shelters found on the isthmus.
13113Litchfield Island, Arthur Harbour, Anvers Island, Palmer Archipelago64°46′S, 64°06′W
14114Northern Coronation Island, South Orkney IslandsThe centroid of the area is 60°33′S, 45°35′W. The area is between 60°31′S, 45°41′W; 60°37′S, 45°36′W and 60°32′S, 45°29′W.
15115Lagotellerie Island, Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula67°53′S, 67°24′W
16116‘New College Valley’, Caughley Beach, Cape Bird, Ross Island77°13′S, 166°29′W
17117Avian Island, off Adelaide Island, Antarctic Peninsula67°46′S, 68°53′W. The area consists of the island together with its littoral zone and the marine area within 100m of the shore.
18118‘Cryptogam Ridge’, Mount Melbourne, Victoria Land74°21′S, 164°41′W
19119Forlidas Pond and Davis Valley ponds, Dufek Massif82°27′S, 51°21′W and 82°28′S, 51°08′W
20120‘Pointe-Géologie Archipelego’, Terre AdélieThe centroid of the area is 66°40′S, 140°02′E. Limits of the area are 66°39′30″S to 66°40′30″S; 140°00′E to 140°02′E.
21121Cape Royds, Ross Island77°33′S, 166°08′E. The area west of a line drawn from the south coast of Cape Royds through Flagstaff Hill to the south-eastern tip of Pony Lake, and the west shoreline of this lake; and south of a line drawn from the western extremity of Pony Lake 280° true to the coast; including the littoral and sublittoral zones from Derrick Point on the east side of Arrival Bay about 4km northwards to ’Rocky Point’ to the north of Horseshoe Bay, extending 500m offshore from the high water mark.
22122Arrival Heights, Hut Point Peninsula, Ross Island77°49′S, 166°39′E. The area of Arrival Heights is enclosed by a line drawn from the Trig T510 north-west over First Crater to the 500 foot (150m) contour, then north along this contour to a point immediately west of Second Crater, then around the lip of this crater and south to Trig T510.
23123Barwick and Balham Valleys, Victoria LandThe site is defined by lines joining 77°13′S, 160°42′E; 77°18′S, 161°24′E; 77°24′S, 161°26′E; 77°24′S, 160°46′E; 77°19′S, 160°29′E and 77°13′S, 160°42′E.
24124Cape Crozier, Ross IslandThe site is defined by lines joining 77°28′S, 169°20′E; 77°28′S, 169°28′E; 77°31′S, 169°28′E and 77°31′S, 169°20′E and also includes the land area lying north of a line from 77°28′S, 169°20′E to the summit of Post Office Hill and north-east of a line bearing 315° true from the summit of Post Office Hill to the coast.
25125Fildes Peninsula, King George Island, South Shetland IslandsThere are two sites. A: between 62°10′50″S and 62°11′28″S and between 58°55′27″W and 58°56′38″W and B: between 62°12′30″S and 62°13′30″S and between 58°57′11″W and 58°59′32″W.
26126Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland IslandsThe area is centred on 62°37′S, 61°03′W.
27127Haswell Island66°31′S, 93°00′E
28128Western shore of Admiralty Bay, King George Island62°11′S, 58°27′W. An area on the western shore of Admiralty Bay, south of Ezcurra Inlet, south of a line connecting Jardine Peak and the shoreline immediately to the north of a prominent group of rocks characterized by a covering of orange lichens bearing approximately 068° from Jardine Peak, and east of a line joining Jardine Peak, The Tower and a point on the shoreline bearing 180° from The Tower.
29129Rothera Point, Adelaide Island67°34′S, 68°06′W
30130‘Tramway Ridge’, Mount Erebus, Ross Island77°31′S, 167°07′E
31131Canada Glacier, Lake Fryxell, Taylor Valley, Victoria Land77°37′S, 163°03′E. The site encompasses most of the glacier forefield area on the east side of the lower Canada Glacier, on the north shore of Lake Fryxell.
32132Potter Peninsula, ‘25 de Mayo’ (King George) Island, South Shetland Islands62°18′S, 58°39′W. The site is on the east side of Maxwell Bay between ’Mirounga Point’ and the east side of Stranger Point, and occupies the coastal zone of varying width up to 500m from the shoreline.
33133Harmony Point, west coast of Nelson Island, South Shetland Islands62°18′S, 59°11′W. The site is on the western side of the island and includes Harmony Point and The Toe, the adjacent ice-free land and the intertidal zone.
34134Cierva Point and offshore islands, Danco Coast, Antarctic Peninsula64°10′S, 61°01′W. The site comprises the Cierva Point peninsula including the land west of a line from the south-east of the north side of the point through the summit of a flat hill of 540m high to the south-east of the south side of the point. Also included are ‘Apéndice Island’ (’Rivera Island’/Sterneck Island), ’José Hernández’ (’Bofill Island’/Midas Island), and ’Lopez Island’ (Moss Islands). Primavera Station (Argentina) and all its associated installations are excluded.
35135North-eastern Bailey Peninsula, Budd Coast, Wilkes Land66°17′S, 110°33′E
36136Clark Peninsula, Budd Coast, Wilkes Land66°15′S, 110°35′E
37137Northwest White Island, McMurdo Sound78°07′S, 167°11′E. The area includes the north-west coastline of White Island from Cape Spencer-Smith in the north to a point protruding into the strait between White and Black islands in the south-west. It extends from the high water mark to 5km offshore across the Ross Ice Shelf.
38138Linnaeus Terrace, Asgard Range, Victoria Land77°35′S, 161°05′E. The site is at the east end of Asgard Range to the north of Oliver Peak, between Don Juan Pond in the valley of South Fork, and Inland Forts, a small mountain range south-east of the Asgard Range. The site includes the flat terrace north and east of Oliver Peak, between about 1500m and 1650m altitude.
39139Biscoe Point, Anvers Island64°48′S, 63°47′W. The site includes the rocky promontory ending in Biscoe Point, the smaller headland immediately to the north and the small islet off the south-west of Biscoe Point. A narrow area of land between the two promontories is included, as is the inshore marine environment within the site boundaries.
40140Parts of Deception Island, South Shetland IslandsThe site includes 5 areas on the coast of Port Foster. Area A: 63°00′S, 60°34′W. From the west side of Entrance Point to the west side of Collins Point on the south side of Neptunes Bellows, and extending 500m inland from the shore. Area B: 62°57′S, 60°42′W. Mid Fumarole Bay, south-west of Wensleydale Beacon extending for 500m along the shore, to the line of precipitous lava cliffs about 100m inland. Area C: 62°56′S, 60°40′W. The island created during the 1967 eruption in Telefon Bay, and including the low land, containing a lake, which joins the new island to the main island. Area D: 62°56′S, 60°35′W. A strip 100m wide extending from the high water mark of the heated shoreline of Pendulum Cove inland to a series of gullies about 750m inland. The area lies about 300m south of the former Pedro Aguirre Cerda Station (Chile). Area E: 62°58′S, 60°34′W. Kroner Lake including the land within 50m of its shore.
41141‘Yukidori Valley’, Langhovde, Lützow-Holmbukta69°14′S, 39°45′E. The site encompasses the area between a tongue of the ice cap and sea at the western end of the valley; it extends up to 50m offshore near the mouth of the stream.
42142Svarthamaren, Mühlig-Hofmannfjella, Dronning Maud Land71°54′S, 5°10′E
43143Marine Plain, Mule Peninsula, Vestfold Hills, Princess Elizabeth Land68°36′S, 78°07′E. The site extends from 68°36′30″S, 78°09′00″E; to 68°36′45″S, 78°10′30″E; to 68°37′30″S, 78°12′30″E; thence south along the meridian 78°12′30″E to its intersection by the low water mark on the northern shore of Crooked Fjord; it follows the low water mark on the northern shore of Crooked Fjord to its intersection with the meridian 78°03′00″E; thence north along the meridian to its intersection with the parallel 68°37′30″S, then northeasterly to 68°70′02″S, 78°05′00″E and finally northeastwards to the point of commencement.
44144‘Chile Bay’ (Discovery Bay), Greenwich Island, South Shetland IslandsArea A: between 62°28′54″S and 62°29′18″S; and between 59°41′12″W and 59°41′43″W Area B: between 62°28′18″S and 62°28′42″S; and between 59°40′15″W and 59°40′47″W
45145Port Foster, Deception Island, South Shetland IslandsArea A: between 62°55′30″S and 62°56′12″S; and between 60°37′00″W and 60°38′00″W Area B: between 62°57′12″S and 62°57′54″S; and between 60°36′20″W and 60°37′20″W
46146South Bay, Doumer Island, Palmer ArchipelagoThe centroid of the area is 64°52′S, 63°35′W. The site consists of a small area of coastal and sub-tidal benthos bounded by 64°51′42″S to the north, between 63°34′00″W and 63°35′20″W, and to the south by a diagonal line that starts at a point 100m north of the Chilean refuge Yelcho on the southern shore of South Bay and extends to 64°51′58″S, 63°34′00″W.
47147Ablation Valley-Ganymede Heights, Alexander IslandThe centroid of the area is 70°50′S, 68°24′W. The site extends from 70°45′S to 70°55′S and from 68°40′W to the George VI Sound coastline.
48148Mount Flora, Hope Bay, Antarctic Peninsula63°25′S, 57°00′W
49149Cape Shirreff, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands62°29′S, 60°48′W
50150Ardley Island, Maxwell Bay, King George Island62°13′S, 58°56′W
51151Lions Rump, King George Island, South Shetland IslandsBounded by: 62°07′48″S, 58°09′17″W; 62°07′49″S, 58°07′14″W; 62°08′19″S, 58°07′19″W; and 62°08′16″S, 58°09′15″W
52152Western Bransfield Strait off Low Island, South Shetland IslandsBetween: 63°20′S and 63°35′S; 61°45′W and 62°30′W
53153Eastern Dallmann Bay off Brabant Island, Palmer ArchipelagoBetween: 64°00′S and 64°20′S; and from 62°50′W east to the intertidal zone
54154Botany Bay, Cape Geology, Victoria Land77°00′S, 162°35′E
55155Cape Evans, Ross Island77°38′S, 166°24′E
56156Lewis Bay, Mount Erebus, Ross Island77°25′S, 167°28′E. The site encompasses the crash zone centered on 167°28′E, 77°25′S and the surrounding glacial ice 2km above and to either side of this position, extends as a 4km wide ‘rectangle’ down to the sea, and includes the airspace above this region to an altitude of 1000m with the exception of a 200m wide air access corridor along the coastline.
57157Backdoor Bay, Cape Royds, Ross Island77°33′10.7″S, 166°10′6.5″E
58158Hut Point, Ross Island77°50′50″S, 166°38′E
59159Cape Adare, Borchgrevink Coast71°18′S, 170°09′E
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