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Propane Dispenser Specifications (SI/91-110)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

Propane Dispenser Specifications



Registration 1991-09-11

Specifications Relating to the Design, Composition, Construction and Performance of Metering Assemblies Used to Deliver Liquid Propane to Motor Vehicles and Relating to the Installation and Use Thereof

The Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, pursuant to paragraph 10(1)(i) of the Weights and Measures Act and sections 13Footnote * and 27Footnote ** of the Weights and Measures Regulations, C.R.C., c. 1605, hereby establishes the annexed Specifications relating to the design, composition, construction and performance of metering assemblies used to deliver liquid propane to motor vehicles and relating to the installation and use thereof.

August 15, 1991


Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs

Short Title

 These Specifications may be cited as the Propane Dispenser Specifications.


  •  (1) In these Specifications,


    ATC means automatic temperature compensator; (CAT)

    propane dispenser

    propane dispenser means a metering assembly that consists of a meter and its accessories and that is designed to measure in the liquid state propane delivered to the fuel tanks of motor vehicles; (distributeur de propane)

    supply tank

    supply tank means a tank that is connected to a propane dispenser and that provides propane for delivery to the fuel tanks of motor vehicles. (réservoir d'alimentation)

  • (2) All other words and expressions used in these Specifications have the same meaning as in the Weights and Measures Regulations.


 These Specifications apply in respect of all propane dispensers for use in trade.

Design, Composition and Construction

 A propane dispenser shall be equipped with an electronic ATC.

 Where a propane dispenser has a vapour separator with a vapour release valve of the float-operated type, the vapour release valve shall have a continuous bleed or other means to ensure satisfactory operation at differential pressures up to 700 kPa.

  •  (1) The temperature sensor of the electronic ATC and the test thermal well of a propane dispenser shall be installed adjacent to each other

    • (a) in the meter chamber;

    • (b) in the vapour separator housing; or

    • (c) in the inlet or outlet piping to the meter.

  • (2) A temperature sensor referred to in subsection (1) shall be installed so that

    • (a) the sensing end of the sensor is in the main flow of liquid;

    • (b) the sensor is located no more than 0.5 m from the meter as measured along the piping; and

    • (c) no valves, pumps, flow-control valves or other equipment that may alter the temperature of the liquid are located between the meter chamber and the sensor.

Installation and Use

 When a propane dispenser is installed, a 1 3/4 inch Acme thread male fitting shall be installed on the supply tank or its piping to allow the propane to be returned to the supply tank during an inspection carried out by an inspector.

 Where the fitting required by section 7 is located more than 30 m (100 feet) from the propane dispenser, the owner of the propane dispenser shall provide means to allow propane to be circulated through the propane dispenser to ensure temperature stabilization of the meter prior to and during the tests carried out by an inspector,

  • (a) by installing a vapour return line that includes a 1 3/4 inch Acme thread male fitting installed in the propane dispenser and easily accessible to the inspector to return liquid propane to the supply tank; or

  • (b) by providing the inspector with a hose that is fitted with a 1 3/4 inch Acme thread male fitting, that has an appropriate diameter and that is of sufficient length to reach the fitting required by section 7.

 The static pressure of a supply tank, the diameter and configuration of the inlet piping to the pump supplying the propane dispenser and the capacity of that pump shall be such as to ensure the proper operating pressure and prevent any cavitation under normal conditions of use of the propane dispenser.

 The vapour return line that connects the vapour separator of a propane dispenser to a supply tank shall be of a sufficient diameter to permit the venting of all the vapour in the propane dispenser under normal conditions of use of the propane dispenser.

 No person shall use a vapour return line connected from a propane dispenser or supply tank to the fuel tank of a motor vehicle during a propane delivery transaction.

 No pressure relief valve shall be installed on the downstream side of a meter in a propane dispenser other than a hydrostatic pressure relief valve required for the relief of excessive pressure caused by the thermal expansion of propane.

 Any propane dispenser submitted for an initial inspection pursuant to paragraph 8(b) of the Weights and Measures Act after the day on which these Specifications come into force shall not be certified as meeting the requirements of these Specifications unless the propane dispenser incorporates an electronic ATC.

  • SI/94-33, s. 1(F)

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