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Order Acknowledging Receipt of the Assessments Done Pursuant to Subsection 23(1) of the Act



Registration 2022-05-25

Order Acknowledging Receipt of the Assessments Done Pursuant to Subsection 23(1) of the Act

P.C. 2022-472 2022-05-16

Her Excellency the Governor General in Council, on the recommendation of the Minister of the Environment, acknowledges receipt, on the making of this Order, of the assessments done pursuant to subsection 23(1) of the Species at Risk ActFootnote a by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) with respect to the status of the species set out in the annexed schedule.


Endangered Species

  • Molluscs
    • Whitelip, Striped (Webbhelix multilineata)

      Polyspire rayé

  • Arthropods
    • Duskywing, Mottled (Erynnis martialis) Boreal population

      Hespérie tachetée population boréale

    • Duskywing, Mottled (Erynnis martialis) Great Lakes Plains population

      Hespérie tachetée population des plaines des Grands Lacs

    • Lady Beetle, Nine-spotted (Coccinella novemnotata)

      Coccinelle à neuf points

    • Moth, Nuttall’s Sheep (Hemileuca nuttalli)

      Hémileucin de Nuttall

    • Skipper, Oregon Branded (Hesperia colorado oregonia)

      Hespérie du Colorado

  • Plants
    • Foxglove, Downy Yellow False (Aureolaria virginica)

      Gérardie de Virginie

Threatened Species

  • Reptiles
    • Racer, Western Yellow-bellied (Coluber constrictor mormon)

      Couleuvre agile à ventre jaune de l’Ouest

  • Plants
    • Ash, Blue (Fraxinus quadrangulata)

      Frêne bleu

    • Foxglove, Fern-leaved Yellow False (Aureolaria pedicularia)

      Gérardie fausse-pédiculaire

    • Foxglove, Smooth Yellow False (Aureolaria flava)

      Gérardie jaune

    • Pea, Silky Beach (Lathyrus littoralis)

      Gesse littorale

  • Lichens
    • Lichen, Smoker’s Lung (Lobaria retigera)

      Lobaire réticulée

Special Concern

  • Birds
    • Flycatcher, Olive-sided (Contopus cooperi)

      Moucherolle à côtés olive

    • Nighthawk, Common (Chordeiles minor)

      Engoulevent d’Amérique

    • Sparrow, Harris’s (Zonotrichia querula)

      Bruant à face noire

Not at Risk

  • Birds
    • Falcon anatum/tundrius, Peregrine (Falco peregrinus anatum/tundrius)

      Faucon pèlerin anatum/tundrius

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