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SCHEDULEListed Entities Reviewed by the Minister

  • Al Qaida (also known among other names as Al Jihad (AJ), Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ), Vanguards of Conquest (VOC), Islamic Army, Islamic Salvation Foundation, The Base, Group for the Preservation of the Holy Sites, Islamic Army for the Liberation of the Holy Places, World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, Usama Bin Ladin Network, Usama Bin Ladin Organization and Qa’idat al-Jihad)
  • Asbat Al-Ansar (AAA) (“The League of Partisans”) (also known among other names as God’s Partisans, Gathering of Supporters, Partisan’s League, Osbat Al Ansar, Usbat Al Ansar, Esbat Al-Ansar, Isbat Al Ansar, Usbat-ul-Ansar, Band of Helpers, Band of Partisans and League of the Followers)
  • Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA) (also known among other names as Basque Homeland and Liberty, Euzkadi Ta Azkatasuna, Euzkadi Ta Askatasuna, Basque Nation and Liberty, Basque Fatherland and Liberty and Basque Homeland and Freedom)
  • Hamas (Harakat Al-Muqawama Al-Islamiya) (“Islamic Resistance Movement”)
  • Hizballah (also known among other names as Hizbullah, Hizbollah, Hezbollah, Hezballah, Hizbu’llah, The Party of God, Islamic Jihad (Islamic Holy War), Islamic Jihad Organization, Islamic Resistance, Islamic Jihad for the Liberation of Palestine, Ansar al-Allah (Followers of God/Partisans of God/God’s Helpers), Ansarollah (Followers of God/Partisans of God/God’s Helpers), Ansar Allah (Followers of God/Partisans of God/God’s Helpers), Al-Muqawamah al-Islamiyyah (Islamic Resistance), Organization of the Oppressed, Organization of the Oppressed on Earth, Revolutionary Justice Organization, Organization of Right Against Wrong and Followers of the Prophet Muhammed)
  • Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) (also known among other names as Jaish-i-Mohammed (Mohammad, Muhammad, Muhammed), Jaish-e-Mohammad (Muhammed), Jaish-e-Mohammad Mujahideen E-Tanzeem, Jeish-e-Mahammed, Army of Mohammed, Mohammed’s Army, Tehrik Ul-Furqaan, National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty and Army of the Prophet)
  • Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) (also known among other names as Harakat al-Jihad al-Islami fi Filistin, Saraya Al-Quds (The Jerusalem Brigades), Al-Quds Brigades, Islamic Jihad, Palestine Islamic Jihad – Shaqaqi Faction, Palestinian Islamic Jihad – Shaqaqi, PIJ – Shaqaqi Faction, PIJ – Shallah Faction, Islamic Jihad of Palestine, Islamic Jihad in Palestine, Abu Ghunaym Squad of the Hizballah Bayt Al-Maqdis, Al-Quds Squads, Al-Awdah Brigades, Islamic Jihad Palestine (IJP), Islamic Jihad — Palestine Faction and Islamic Holy War)
  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) (Al-Jibha al-Sha’biya lil-Tahrir Filistin) (also known among other names as Halhul Gang, Halhul Squad, Palestinian Popular Resistance Forces, PPRF, Red Eagle Gang, Red Eagle Group, Red Eagles and Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades)
  • Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine — General Command (PFLP-GC) (Al-Jibha Sha’biya lil-Tahrir Filistin-al-Qadiya al-Ama)

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