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Order Giving Notice of Decisions not to add Certain Species to the List of Endangered Species (SI/2007-115)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19

ANNEX 2Statement Setting Out the Reasons for Referring the Assessment for the Ghost Antler (Pseudevernia Cladonia) Back to COSEWIC for Further Information and Consideration

Ghost antler (Pseudevernia cladonia)

Assessments may be referred back to COSEWIC for further information and consideration if new information has become available, existing information (Aboriginal traditional knowledge and community knowledge) was not considered, or it is unclear to what species, populations, or individuals a status designation applies.

The assessment for the ghost antler (Pseudevernia cladonia), a lichen, is being referred back to COSEWIC as a result of significant new information on the population of the species that was not available at the time of the species assessment. Following receipt by the Governor in Council of the Status Report for ghost antler from COSEWIC, the Government of New Brunswick notified Environment Canada of the discovery of over a million individuals of ghost antler lichen at a previously unsurveyed location. The Minister is referring the assessment for the ghost antler back to COSEWIC in order for this new information to be considered in the assessment of the status of the species.


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