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Quebec Flue-Cured Tobacco Order (C.R.C., c. 243)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28

Quebec Flue-Cured Tobacco Order

C.R.C., c. 243


Order Granting Authority to Regulate the Marketing in Interprovincial and Export Trade of Flue-Cured Tobacco Produced in Quebec

Short Title

 This Order may be cited as the Quebec Flue-Cured Tobacco Order.


 In this Order,

Commodity Board

Commodity Board means the Quebec Flue-Cured Tobacco Producers’ Board constituted under the Plan; (Office de commercialisation)

flue-cured tobacco

flue-cured tobacco means flue-cured tobacco produced in the Province of Quebec; (tabac jaune)


Plan means the Quebec Flue-Cured Tobacco Producers’ Plan sanctioned and declared in force by the Quebec Agricultural Marketing Board as published in the Quebec Official Gazette of June 21, 1958, pursuant to the Agricultural Marketing Act of Quebec. (Plan)

Interprovincial and Export Trade

 The Commodity Board is authorized to regulate the marketing of flue-cured tobacco in interprovincial and export trade and for such purposes may, with respect to persons and property situated within the Province of Quebec, exercise all or any powers like the powers exercisable by it in relation to the marketing of flue-cured tobacco locally within the Province of Quebec under the heading “Obligations, powers and attributions” of the Plan, excepting the powers exercisable under paragraphs (g) and (o) in subsection “And particularly” of the said heading of the Plan.

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