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Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1551)

Regulations are current to 2024-06-19 and last amended on 2019-06-17. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE II(Sections 6 and 22)

The following consumer textile articles are exempt from section 3 of the Act:

  • 1 Articles that are intended for a one-time use only.

  • 2 Any of the following articles that have incorporated in them a textile fibre product:

    • (a) overshoes, boots, shoes, indoor slippers, footwear liners and insoles;

    • (b) handbags, luggage, carrying cases and brushes;

    • (c) toys, ornaments, pictures, lamp shades, tapestries, wall hangings, wall coverings, room dividers, screens, book covers, book marks, gift wrap, flags and pennants;

    • (d) sports and games equipment other than sport garments;

    • (e) lawn and beach furniture, including lawn and beach umbrellas and parasols and hammocks;

    • (f) playpens, crib-pens, strollers, jumpers, walkers and car seats for infants or children;

    • (g) labels, adhesive tapes and sheets, cleaning cloths and wipers, therapeutic devices and heating pads;

    • (h) pet accessories; and

    • (i) musical instruments and accessories.

  • 3 Belts, suspenders, arm bands, garters, sanitary belts and bandages.

  • 4 [Revoked, SOR/94-247, s. 19]

  • 5 Consumer textile articles in which any textile fibre product that is present serves

    • (a) a purpose that is served in consumer textile articles by findings, or a purpose analogous thereto; or

    • (b) as filling or stuffing.

  • 6 Straw or felt headwear, padding or helmets worn in sports, curler head covers, hair nets and shower caps.

  • 7 Carpet underpadding.

  • 8 Non-fibrous materials that do not have a fabric support, including films and foams.

  • 9 Household twine, string, craft ribbon not intended to be used in the construction of prescribed consumer textile articles, baler twine, binder twine and gift wrap ribbon.

  • SOR/87-247, ss. 21, 22
  • SOR/94-247, ss. 18 to 22

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