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Parliamentary Secretaries Expenses Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1247)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-01

Parliamentary Secretaries Expenses Regulations

C.R.C., c. 1247


Regulations Respecting the Payment of Expenses of Parliamentary Secretaries

Short Title

 These Regulations may be cited as the Parliamentary Secretaries Expenses Regulations.


 Subject to these Regulations, a Parliamentary Secretary shall be paid reasonable travelling and other expenses incurred by him in the discharge of his duties

  • (a) during a session of Parliament while away from Ottawa; or

  • (b) while away from his ordinary place of residence during a period when Parliament is not in session.

  •  (1) Subject to these Regulations, accountable advances may be made to a Parliamentary Secretary in connection with his duties under the Parliamentary Secretaries Act, and he shall make an accounting each month for any expenditure made out of such advances in the preceding month.

  • (2) Where a person ceases to be a Parliamentary Secretary he shall, within 30 days after ceasing to hold that office, make an accounting for any outstanding advances made to him under these Regulations.

 An account submitted by a Parliamentary Secretary in respect of expenses incurred by him in the discharge of his duties under the Parliamentary Secretaries Act shall state the purpose and itinerary of any trip taken by him and show the total amounts expended in transportation (including any accommodation not included in the transportation fare), lodging and meals, taxis, telephones and telegrams and, in general terms, such other expenses as were incurred by him.


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