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National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations (C.R.C., c. 1120)

Regulations are current to 2024-05-28 and last amended on 2018-11-23. Previous Versions

SCHEDULE I(Section 2)

Game Fish

Column IColumn II
ItemCommon NameScientific Name
1GraylingThymallus arcticus
  • (a) Largemouth bass

  • (a) Micropterus salmoides

  • (b) Smallmouth bass

  • (b) Micropterus dolomieui

  • (c) White bass

  • (c) Morone chrysops

  • (d) Striped bass

  • (d) Morone saxitalis

  • (e) White perch

  • (e) Morone americana

3MuskellungeEsox masquinongy
4Yellow perchPerca flavescens
5Northern pikeEsox lucius
  • (a) Atlantic salmon

  • (a) Salmo salar

  • (b) Ouananiche or landlocked salmon

  • (b) Salmo salar ouananiche

  • (c) Kokanee or sockeye salmon

  • (c) Oncorhynchus nerka

7Trout and Charr
  • (a) Arctic charr

  • (a) Salvelinus alpinus

  • (b) Brown trout

  • (b) Salmo trutta

  • (c) Cutthroat trout

  • (c) Oncorhynchus clarki

  • (d) Bull trout

  • (d) Salvelinus confluentus

  • (e) Brook, speckled or sea trout

  • (e) Salvelinus fontinalis

  • (f) Golden trout

  • (f) Oncorhynchus aquabonita

  • (g) Lake or grey trout

  • (g) Salvelinus namaycush

  • (h) Marstoni or red trout

  • (h) Salvelinus alpinus marstoni

  • (i) Rainbow trout

  • (i) Oncorhynchus mykiss

  • (j) Splake trout (hybrid between speckled trout and lake trout)

  • (j) Salvelinus fontinalis crossed with Salvelinus namaycush

  • (k) Dolly Varden

  • (k) Salvelinus malma

8Walleye, pickerel or doréStizostedion vitreum
  • (a) Lake whitefish

  • (a) Coregonus clupeaformis

  • (b) Mountain whitefish

  • (b) Prosopium williamsoni

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