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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 604.102 from 2018-12-12 to 2024-05-14:

  •  (1) Flight duty period may be extended by up to three hours if

    • (a) the pilot-in-command, after consultation with the other flight crew members, considers it safe to do so;

    • (b) the flight duty period is extended as a result of an unforeseen operational circumstance that occurs after the beginning of the flight duty period;

    • (c) the next minimum rest period is extended by an amount of time that is at least equal to the length of the extension of the flight duty period; and

    • (d) the pilot-in-command notifies the private operator of the unforeseen operational circumstances and of the length of the extension of the flight duty period.

  • (2) The private operator shall retain a copy of the notification for five years.

  • SOR/2014-131, s. 18
  • SOR/2018-269, ss. 9, 18

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