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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 573.03 from 2022-12-07 to 2024-04-01:

  •  (1) The holder of an approved maintenance organization (AMO) certificate shall

    • (a) appoint a person responsible for maintenance;

    • (b) ensure that the person responsible for maintenance meets the requirement set out in subsection 573.04(1);

    • (c) subject to subsection (4), ensure that the person responsible for maintenance

      • (i) has achieved a grade of 70% or more in an open-book examination that demonstrates knowledge of the provisions of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, and

      • (ii) meets the experience requirement set out in subsection 573.04(1) of Standard 573 — Approved Maintenance Organizations;

    • (d) [Repealed, SOR/2022-246, s. 13]

    • (e) ensure that the person responsible for maintenance performs the duties referred to in subsections 573.04(3) and 573.09(2) and (3);

    • (f) provide the person responsible for maintenance with the financial and human resources necessary to ensure that the holder of the AMO certificate meets the requirements of these Regulations;

    • (g) ensure that corrective actions are taken in respect of any findings resulting from a quality assurance program established under subsection 573.09(1) or a safety management system referred to in section 573.30; and

    • (h) conduct reviews of the safety management system to determine its effectiveness.

  • (2) [Repealed, SOR/2022-246, s. 13]

  • (3) [Repealed, SOR/2022-246, s. 13]

  • (4) The knowledge requirement set out in subparagraph (1)(c)(i) does not apply in respect of

    • (a) a person responsible for maintenance who held that position on January 1, 1997; or

    • (b) the holder of an aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) licence.

  • (5) The experience requirement set out in subsection 573.04(1) of Standard 573 — Approved Maintenance Organizations does not apply in the case of an AMO certificate in respect of which no rating in the aircraft, avionics, instrument, engine or propeller category has been issued if the accountable executive can demonstrate to the Minister by means of a risk assessment that the lesser experience is appropriate to the scope of work performed by the AMO and will not affect aviation safety or the safety of the public.

  • (6) The holder of an AMO certificate shall ensure that no person is appointed to be responsible for maintenance or remains responsible for maintenance if, at the time of their appointment or during their tenure, they have a record of conviction for

    • (a) an offence under section 7.3 of the Act; or

    • (b) two or more offences under any of sections 571.10 and 571.11 not arising from a single occurrence.

  • (7) The holder of a certificate referred to in subsection (1) shall ensure that the person managing the safety management system who is referred to in section 573.32 performs the duties set out in that section.

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