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Mackenzie Valley Land Use Regulations

Version of section 4 from 2006-03-22 to 2013-09-29:

 No person shall, without a Type A permit, carry on any activity that involves

  • (a) on land outside the boundaries of a local government,

    • (i) the use of a quantity of explosives equal to or exceeding 150 kg in any 30-day period,

    • (ii) the use of a vehicle or machine of a weight equal to or exceeding 10 t, other than on a road or on a community landfill, quarry site or airport,

    • (iii) the use of a single container for the storage of petroleum fuel that has a capacity equal to or exceeding 4 000 L;

    • (iv) the use of a self-propelled power-driven machine for moving earth or clearing land, or

    • (v) the levelling, grading, clearing, cutting or snowploughing of a line, trail or right-of-way, other than a road or existing access trail to a building, that exceeds 1.5 m in width and 4 ha in area, for a purpose other than the grooming of recreational trails; or

  • (b) on land within or outside the boundaries of a local government,

    • (i) the use of power-driven earth drilling machinery the operating weight of which, excluding the weight of drill rods, stems, bits, pumps and other ancillary equipment, equals or exceeds 2.5 t, for a purpose other than the drilling of holes for building piles or utility poles or the setting of explosives within the boundaries of the local government,

    • (ii) the use of a campsite outside a territorial park for a duration of or exceeding 400 person-days,

    • (iii) the establishment of a petroleum fuel storage facility with a capacity equal to or exceeding 80 000 L, or

    • (iv) the use of a stationary power-driven machine, other than a power saw, for hydraulic prospecting, moving earth or clearing land.

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