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Mackenzie Valley Land Use Regulations

Version of section 37 from 2006-03-22 to 2016-06-12:

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), where a permittee wishes to discontinue a land-use operation at any time prior to the date of completion set out in the permit, the permittee shall give a notice of discontinuance in writing to the Board and, where the land-use operation is being carried out on private lands, to the landowner, indicating the date on which it is proposed to discontinue the operation.

  • (2) A notice of discontinuance under subsection (1) shall be given to the Board at least 10 days before the proposed date of the discontinuance.

  • (3) On receipt of a notice of discontinuance, the Board shall amend the expiration date of the permit accordingly and forward a copy of the amended permit to the permittee.

  • (4) The discontinuance of a land-use operation pursuant to this section does not relieve the permittee from any obligations that arose under the permit or under these Regulations prior to the discontinuance or from complying with any notice, direction or order given by an inspector or the Board.

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