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Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (Police Enforcement) Regulations

Version of section 22 from 2022-07-15 to 2023-09-19:

Marginal note:Annual report

  •  (1) The chief or appropriate police officer shall submit to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and to the Minister, within three months after the end of every calendar year, a report in written or electronic format containing the information set out in subsection (3), in respect of each of the following controlled substances or precursors that came into the possession of the police force in the course of a particular investigation completed during the calendar year, namely,

    • (a) a controlled substance or precursor imported or exported in accordance with section 11;

    • (b) a controlled substance produced in accordance with section 13; and

    • (c) a forfeited controlled substance or precursor referred to in section 21.

  • Marginal note:Copy of report

    (2) The chief or appropriate police officer of a police force other than the RCMP shall also send a copy of the report referred to in subsection (1) to the provincial minister responsible for the police force.

  • Marginal note:Contents of report

    (3) The report shall indicate the name and total quantity of each controlled substance or precursor and the quantity, in respect of each controlled substance or precursor, that was forfeited, imported, exported, produced or destroyed, as applicable.

  • Marginal note:Additional report

    (4) The chief or appropriate police officer of a police force shall also submit, on request, a report in written or electronic format to the Minister respecting the controlled substances or precursors referred to in subsection (1) as required for the following purposes:

    • (a) to ensure the protection of the public against potential public health risks caused by the potential misuse or diversion of those substances;

    • (b) to collect data required for studies and research;

    • (c) to meet international obligations of the Government of Canada; and

    • (d) for compliance with these Regulations.

  • SOR/2022-174, s. 5
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