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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 705.175 from 2021-07-07 to 2022-12-06:

 The levels of interference with a crew member are as follows:

  • (a) a level 1 incident, which is an incident of a minor nature that either requires no action of the crew member beyond heightened awareness or is quickly resolved by a crew member, and which includes but is not limited to

    • (i) the use of unacceptable language towards a crew member,

    • (ii) unacceptable behaviour towards a crew member, and

    • (iii) a display of suspicious behaviour;

  • (b) a level 2 incident, which is an incident of a moderate nature that is resolved by a crew member only after some difficulty and which includes but is not limited to

    • (i) the repetition of a level 1 incident,

    • (ii) the continuation of a level 1 incident that was unresolved,

    • (iii) the repeated failure of a passenger to comply with a crew member’s safety instructions, and

    • (iv) belligerent, obscene or lewd behaviour towards a crew member;

  • (c) a level 3 incident, which is an incident where the safety of passengers or crew members is seriously threatened and which includes but is not limited to

    • (i) threatening a person on board or about to board the aircraft or making threats in an attempt to board the aircraft,

    • (ii) the continuation of a level 2 incident that was unresolved,

    • (iii) tampering with any emergency or safety equipment on board the aircraft,

    • (iv) deliberate damage of any part of the aircraft or any property on board the aircraft,

    • (v) injuring a person on board the aircraft, and

    • (vi) violent, argumentative, threatening, intimidating or disorderly behaviour, including harassment and assault; and

  • (d) a level 4 incident, which is an incident that constitutes a security threat and which includes but is not limited to

    • (i) an attempted or unauthorized intrusion into the flight deck,

    • (ii) a credible threat of death or serious bodily injury in an attempt to gain control over the aircraft,

    • (iii) the display or use of a weapon,

    • (iv) the sabotage of, or the attempt to sabotage, an aircraft that renders it incapable of flight or that is likely to endanger its safety in flight,

    • (v) any attempt to unlawfully seize control of the aircraft, and

    • (vi) an incident that is required to be reported under section 543 of the Canadian Aviation Security Regulations, 2012.

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