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Canadian Aviation Regulations

Version of section 305.31 from 2007-06-30 to 2015-08-30:

  •  (1) The operator of a heliport shall equip the heliport with at least one wind direction indicator and meet the requirements for wind direction indicators set out in the applicable heliport standard.

  • (2) The operator of a heliport shall meet the requirements for heliport markings set out in the applicable heliport standard in respect of

    • (a) heliport identification marking;

    • (b) in the case of a hospital heliport, hospital heliport identification marking;

    • (c) an aiming point marking for each FATO;

    • (d) FATO edge marking;

    • (e) a FATO designation marking for each FATO;

    • (f) a FATO centre line marking for each FATO;

    • (g) approach and take-off direction indicator marking;

    • (h) a TLOF edge marking for each TLOF;

    • (i) the maximum allowable helicopter weight marking for each TLOF;

    • (j) the following taxiway markings:

      • (i) taxiway centre line marking,

      • (ii) taxiway holding position marking, and

      • (iii) taxiway edge marking;

    • (k) where the apron edge is not easily identifiable, an apron edge marking;

    • (l) where a helicopter parking position is provided, a helicopter parking position marking;

    • (m) where a helicopter parking position is provided and helicopters are required to have a specific alignment on the parking position, an alignment marking;

    • (n) where a helicopter parking position is not large enough for the largest helicopter for which the heliport is designed or where the size of the parking position is limited by the minimum separation requirement to an obstacle or an adjacent parking position, a helicopter parking position information marking; and

    • (o) where passengers are required to walk on a specific path on an apron between a helicopter parking position and the passenger terminal, an apron passenger path marking.

  • SOR/2007-87, s. 8

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