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Employment Insurance Regulations

Version of section 68 from 2006-03-22 to 2009-11-04:

  •  (1) An application for a reduction of the employer's premium in respect of a category of insured persons shall be made to the Commission by an employer and shall

    • (a) be accompanied by a copy of the documents that represent the formal commitment referred to in subsection 67(1) or, where those documents have been provided to the Commission with a previous application and have since been amended, by a copy of the amendment;

    • (b) provide all the information necessary to determine whether the plan meets the requirements of this Part; and

    • (c) be accompanied by the employer's undertaking that the insured persons will benefit from the reduction of the employer's premium in an amount at least equal to five twelfths of the reduction, as required by subsection 69(1) of the Act.

  • (2) Where an application referred to in subsection (1) is incomplete or where the Commission requires further information or documentation in order to make a decision on the application and the Commission requests that information or documentation from the employer, the employer shall provide the information or documentation within 30 days after the request is made, and where the information or documentation is not provided to the Commission within that time, an officer of the Commission shall make a decision on the existing information or documentation.

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