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Canada Student Financial Assistance Regulations

Version of section 26 from 2009-08-01 to 2012-03-29:

 If a repayment assistance period has been granted to a borrower, the provisions of any loan agreement or guaranteed student loan agreement that was in effect between the borrower and the lender or between the borrower and the Minister, as the case may be, on the day on which the borrower applied for that period shall be suspended until the earliest of

  • (a) the day on which repayment assistance is terminated in accordance with subsection 15(4),

  • (b) the end of that repayment assistance period, and

  • (c) in respect of the borrower’s consolidated student loan agreement or consolidated guaranteed student loan agreement, if any, the day on which the borrower again becomes a full-time student in accordance with subsection 6(2) or 7(2).

  • SOR/96-368, s. 19
  • SOR/2000-290, s. 21
  • SOR/2009-212, s. 5

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