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Citizenship Regulations

Version of section 2 from 2015-06-11 to 2018-11-29:

 In these Regulations,


Act means the Citizenship Act; (Loi)

citizenship court

citizenship court[Repealed, SOR/2009-108, s. 3]

citizenship office

citizenship office means a place where a citizenship judge or citizenship officer performs duties under the Act; (bureau de la citoyenneté)

citizenship officer

citizenship officer means a person who is authorized by the Minister in writing to perform the duties of a citizenship officer prescribed by these Regulations; (agent de la citoyenneté)

foreign service officer

foreign service officer means a Canadian diplomatic or consular officer who is accredited to carry out or is carrying out official duties in the country in which a person making an application or a registration or giving a notice pursuant to the Act resides or, if there is no such officer in that country, such an officer who is accredited to carry out or is carrying out official duties in a nearby country; (agent du service extérieur)

Hague Convention on Adoption

Hague Convention on Adoption means the Convention on the Protection of Children and Co-operation in respect of Inter-Country Adoption that was concluded on May 29, 1993 and came into force on May 1, 1995; (Convention sur l’adoption)


parent means the father or mother of a child, whether or not the child was born in wedlock, and includes an adoptive parent; (parent)


prescribed[Repealed, SOR/2015-129, s. 1]


Registrar means the Registrar of Canadian Citizenship. (greffier)


Regulations means the Citizenship Regulations, No. 2. (Règlement)

  • SOR/2007-281, s. 1
  • SOR/2009-108, s. 3
  • SOR/2015-129, s. 1

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