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Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations

Version of section 88 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-08-18:

  •  (1) Subject to subsection (2), no association shall conduct theatre betting outside a home market area assigned to it.

  • (2) An association may conduct theatre betting in the home market area assigned to another association where it has entered into an agreement with the other association that authorizes it to conduct theatre betting in the home market area of that other association.

  • (3) Where an association’s permit authorizes the association to conduct fewer than 10 days of racing at its race-course, the association may apply in writing to the Executive Director to prohibit theatre betting at any betting theatre located within 30 km of the association’s race-course on any two of the days on which that association is authorized to conduct pari-mutuel betting.

  • SOR/93-255, s. 3

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