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Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations

Version of section 80 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-08-18:

  •  (1) Where an account holder deposits money into an account, the association shall forthwith credit the account with the amount of the deposit.

  • (2) Where an account holder makes a telephone account bet, the association shall forthwith debit the account by the amount of the bet.

  • (3) Where an account holder has made a winning telephone account bet, the association shall credit the amount won to the holder’s account immediately after the posting of the pay-out prices.

  • (4) Where an account holder requests a withdrawal from the holder’s account, the association shall give effect to the request within 48 hours.

  • (5) Where an account holder provides the correct telephone betting account number and identification code to a telephone account betting system and requests to be informed of the current balance of the account, an association shall

    • (a) where the request is for an oral statement, provide the requested information forthwith; and

    • (b) where the request is for a written statement of account, issue that written statement of account within 48 hours.

  • (6) An association shall ensure that the statement of account referred to in paragraph (5)(b) contains all data respecting telephone account betting conducted by the account holder for the preceding 21 days.

  • (7) Where the terms of a telephone account betting system provide that an association shall pay interest on the money in an account, the association shall

    • (a) credit the interest as a deposit to the account; and

    • (b) identify the interest separately on the statements referred to in paragraph (5)(b) and subsection 81(5).

  • SOR/2003-218, s. 20

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