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Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations

Version of section 5 from 2011-08-19 to 2023-09-19:

 An association shall, in making an application for a permit,

  • (a) provide evidence that the association is a corporation in good standing under the laws of the jurisdiction in which it was incorporated;

  • (b) name the owners and directors of the association and any person who holds or exercises control over 10 per cent or more of any voting shares issued by the association;

  • (c) provide evidence that the association

    • (i) owns the race-course on which the races are to be run, or

    • (ii) holds a lease on the race-course on which the races are to be run, for the duration of the permit;

  • (d) provide the association’s percentage;

  • (e) describe the types of bets that the association proposes to operate as the pool host and the method of calculation that the association proposes to use for each type of bet, in accordance with Part IV and section 143;

  • (f) provide the dates on which the association proposes to operate as the pool host for pari-mutuel betting on horse-racing conducted at its race-course;

  • (g) describe the methods by which the association will present the information required under sections 25 to 27 to the public;

  • (h) describe the manner in which the association will add to pari-mutuel pools, the amounts generated from overages and underpayments in accordance with sections 65 and 113;

  • (i) if the association has contracted the operation of the pari-mutuel system to another person,

    • (i) provide a copy of the contract, and

    • (ii) name the person who manages and operates the pari-mutuel system at the association’s race-course; and

  • (j) provide any other information respecting the ownership and financial circumstances of the association that may be required by the Executive Director to determine whether the association is able to conduct pari-mutuel betting in accordance with the Act and these Regulations.

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