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Pari-Mutuel Betting Supervision Regulations

Version of section 25 from 2006-03-22 to 2011-08-18:

 An association shall provide, in respect of every racing card, by purchase or otherwise, a race program that sets out

  • (a) the name of the association conducting the pari-mutuel betting;

  • (b) directly underneath the association’s name, a statement that the supervision of the pari-mutuel betting is provided by the Minister, the name of the Minister and a statement that all pools are calculated and distributed in accordance with these Regulations;

  • (c) the date and day of the week of the racing card;

  • (d) the number of each race;

  • (e) an explanation of all symbols that may appear on a ticket or a ticket-issuing machine;

  • (f) the terms and conditions of a ticket;

  • (g) the distance of each race;

  • (h) the number worn by each horse in a race and, where that number is different from the post position of a horse, the post position of the horse or a blank space in which that information may be written;

  • (i) where pre-printed tickets are used, the number referred to in paragraph 22(1)(d);

  • (j) the name, colour, sex, age, sire and dam of each horse on the racing card;

  • (k) the name of the trainer, owner and scheduled jockey or driver of each horse on the racing card;

  • (l) the colours of silks, where required, to be worn by the jockey or driver of each horse on the racing card;

  • (m) the weight assigned by the association to each horse in a running horse-race;

  • (n) the eligibility conditions that have to be met by each horse in a race;

  • (o) the amount of purse money or the prizes offered for each race;

  • (p) in the case of a race-course that has more than one type of track, the types of track on which each race will be run;

  • (q) the types of bets offered on each race;

  • (r) a list of the ratios that are used by an association to display odds;

  • (s) a statement that approximate odds represent only the probable pay-out price of the win pool at the time they are posted and have no bearing on the pay-out price for any other pool;

  • (t) a statement that where, pursuant to section 33, approximate odds for any horse are posted as “1:9”, the pay-out price based on a $2 bet on the win pool may be as low as $2.10;

  • (u) the location of

    • (i) the notice-board, and

    • (ii) where applicable, the photo finish display board;

  • (v) the legal percentages;

  • (w) if applicable, a symbol indicating which horses have been administered furosemide in the manner set out in paragraph 170.1(1)(e);

  • (x) a statement that all tickets should be kept until the official result of the race is declared; and

  • (y) a statement that any type of bet offered by the association set out in the race program means that type of bet as defined in section 2, and, in the case of a type of bet authorized by the association’s permit, that is not defined in section 2, as that type of bet is specified in the permit.

  • SOR/2000-163, s. 3

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