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Ontario Fishery Regulations, 1989

Version of section 17 from 2006-03-22 to 2007-12-31:

  •  (1) Subject to subsections (2) to (5), no person shall engage in angling in open water with more than one line.

  • (2) A person who is angling from a boat may use two lines in the waters of Lake Erie, except in Rondeau Bay and the Inner Bay of Long Point Bay.

  • (3) A person who is angling from a boat may use two lines in the open waters of Lake Ontario in Division 8, excluding those waters known as the Bay of Quinte lying west of the Glenora Ferry to the western entrance of the Murray Canal and also excluding Presqu’île Bay, Wellers Bay, East Lake, West Lake, Frenchman’s Bay, Hamilton Harbour and all tributaries of Lake Ontario.

  • (4) A person who is angling from a boat may use two lines in the waters of Division 35, excluding South Bay on Manitoulin Island east and northeast of a straight line extending due north from the tip of McGraw Point at 45°33′14.8″N., 82°0′48.2″W. across the mouth of the bay to a point on the northwest shore at 45°33′28″N., 82°0′48.2″W.

  • (5) A person who is angling by trailing lures or baits behind a fishing vessel that is in constant forward motion created by muscle, motor or sail power may use two lines in the following waters:

    • (a) the waters of the St. Marys River west of 83°45′W. in Division 17; and

    • (b) the waters of Division 23, excluding

      • (i) the waters of Black Bay north of 48°37′N. (Bent Island),

      • (ii) the waters of Lake Superior, including Nipigon Bay, lying north of a line drawn northeasterly from the southernmost tip of Magnet Point (48°25′30″N., 88°33′30″W.) on Black Bay Peninsula to Schreiber Point (48°45′30″N., 87°16′W.), and

      • (iii) during the period from January 1 to December 31, the waters of that part of Michipicoten Bay east of a line drawn across the bay from Perkwakwia Point (47°56′36″N., 84°54′12″W.) to Smokey Point (47°53′06″N., 84°53′W.).

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