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Ontario Fishery Regulations, 1989

Version of section 11 from 2006-03-22 to 2007-12-31:

  •  (1) No person shall possess or use for bait any live fish

    • (a) in any waters set out in Part I of Schedule VII;

    • (b) [Repealed, SOR/2005-406, s. 1]

    • (c) other than the species of bait-fish set out in items 2 to 9 of Part I of Schedule II, in any waters of Division 9, 10 or 29; or

    • (d) other than bait-fish, in any waters not referred to in paragraphs (a) and (c).

  • (2) No person engaged in fishing shall use bait other than

    • (a) artificial lures in the waters set out in Part II of Schedule VII;

    • (b) artificial flies in the waters set out in Part III of Schedule VII; or

    • (c) artificial lures when angling through the ice in the waters of Division 34.

  • (3) No person engaged in fishing shall use

    • (a) dead lake herring as bait in Division 9, 10 or 29;

    • (b) fish or fish parts as bait in Whitefish Bay of Lake of the Woods (Latitude 49°32′N., Longitude 94°10′W.), including Regina Bay (Latitude 49°24′N., Longitude 94°02′W.) Snake Bay (Latitude 49°22′N., Longitude 94°01′W.), Boot Bay (Latitude 49°17′N., Longitude 94°09′W.), Ghost Bay (Latitude 49°21′N., Longitude 94°14′W.), Brûlé Bay (Latitude 49°23′N., Longitude 94°14′W.), Knickerbocker Inlet (Latitude 49°23′N., Longitude 94°19′W.), Louis Inlet (Latitude 49°25′N., Longitude 94°16′W.), Cross Inlet (Latitude 49°28′N., Longitude 94°18′W.), Devils Bay (Latitude 49°14′N., Longitude 94°05′W.), Alfred Inlet (Latitude 49°13′N., Longitude 94°08′W.), Atikaminke Bay (Latitude 49°14′N., Longitude 94°02′W.), Camp Bay (Latitude 49°16′N., Longitude 94°02′W.), Cloverleaf Bay (Latitude 49°15′N., Longitude 94°08′W.), Log Bay (Latitude 49°26′N., Longitude 94°10′W.), Reedy Bay (Latitude 49°25′N., Longitude 94°05′W.), Willow Bay (Latitude 49°25′N., Longitude 94°04′W.), and Sammons Bay (Latitude 49°23′N., Longitude 93°59′W.); or Dryberry Lake (Latitude 49°32′N., Longitude 93°52′W.) including Northwest Bay (Latitude 49°36′N., Longitude 93°54′W.); Point Bay (Latitude 49°37′N., Longitude 93°43′W.); Point Lake (Latitude 49°37′N., Longitude 93°43′W.) in Division 22 from January 1 to the Friday preceding the third Saturday in May;

    • (c) dead fish or fish parts as bait in Clearwater Bay of Lake of the Woods (Latitude 49°42′N., Longitude 94°45′W.), Echo Bay of Lake of the Woods (Latitude 49°39′N., Longitude 94°50′W.) or Cul de Sac Lake (Latitude 49°38′N., Longitude 94°50′W.) in Division 22; or

    • (d) dead alewife or dead gizzard shad as bait in Big Rideau Lake, Charleston Lake or Redhorse Lake in Division 10.

  • SOR/90-229, s. 5
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