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Ontario Fishery Regulations, 1989

Version of section 10 from 2006-03-22 to 2007-12-31:

  •  (1) No person, other than the holder of a Commercial Bait Licence or any other licence that authorizes the culture of bait-fish, shall catch and retain in one day or possess

    • (a) more than 120 bait-fish; or

    • (b) [Repealed, SOR/99-456, s. 1]

    • (c) during the period beginning on the second Saturday in May and ending on March 15, more than 6 lake herring from the waters of Division 5.

  • (2) No person shall fish for, or catch and retain, lake herring in the waters of Division 5 during the period beginning on March 16 and ending on the Friday preceding the second Saturday in May.

  • SOR/90-229, s. 3(E)
  • SOR/94-730, s. 2
  • SOR/99-105, s. 3
  • SOR/99-456, s. 1

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