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Manitoba Fishery Regulations, 1987

Version of section 38 from 2006-03-22 to 2023-03-31:

 A person placing an ice-fishing shelter on any ice-covered waters shall

  • (a) mark the person’s name and address clearly on the outside of the shelter in block letters at least 5 cm in height;

  • (b) subject to paragraph (c), remove the shelter from the ice-covered waters

    • (i) on or before the Sunday that falls between March 9 and March 15, in the case of the waters of the Red River,

    • (ii) by March 31 in the Southern Division, other than the waters of the Red River, or

    • (iii) by April 15 in any waters other than those referred to subparagraphs (i) and (ii); or

  • (c) where a fishery officer informs them that ice break-up appears imminent, remove the shelter from ice-covered waters at the direction of the fishery officer.

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