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National Parks General Regulations

Version of section 18 from 2010-06-17 to 2017-02-12:

  •  (1) A superintendent may issue a permit to any person for a period not exceeding 10 years authorizing the person to take water for domestic, business or railway water supply purposes within a Park from

    • (a) any watercourse;

    • (b) any Park well; or

    • (c) any Park water supply system other than a waterworks system for a townsite or subdivision.

  • (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), a superintendent shall not issue a permit to any person to take water unless the person submits to the superintendent

    • (a) a statement specifying the purpose for which the water is required;

    • (b) a description of the method to be used to take the water;

    • (c) a statement specifying the location of any equipment to be installed in taking the water;

    • (d) a document setting out the results of a water quality test that show that the quality of the water to be taken is suitable for the purpose for which it is required; and

    • (e) a description of any impairment to the resources of the Park that may result from the installation of the equipment referred to in paragraph (c).

  • (3) The superintendent shall revoke a permit issued under subsection (1) if its holder is convicted of a contravention of these Regulations.

  • (4) On the expiration or cancellation of a permit issued pursuant to subsection (1), the person who was issued that permit shall forthwith remove any equipment installed in taking the water and restore the site of the equipment in so far as practicable to its original state.

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