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Vaping Products Promotion Regulations

Version of section 9 from 2020-08-07 to 2023-11-23:

Marginal note:Exceptions to section 8

 Section 8 does not apply to the following types of advertising:

  • (a) the advertising of a vaping product, if the vaping product is the subject of an authorization, including a licence, issued under the Food and Drugs Act authorizing its sale;

  • (b) the advertising of a vaping product or a vaping product-related brand element, if provincial legislation that governs the advertising of such a product or brand element requires a health warning to be conveyed in the advertising;

  • (c) advertising at the point of sale that indicates only the availability at the point of sale and price of vaping products; and

  • (d) advertising on a sign that is located at a point of sale that is a retail establishment where vaping products are sold and that indicates the availability at the establishment and price of vaping products, as well as other information that is required by the provincial legislation referred to in subsection 7(2).

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