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Vaping Products Promotion Regulations

Version of section 21 from 2020-08-07 to 2023-11-23:

Marginal note:Health warning — legibility

  •  (1) The health warning that is conveyed in visual advertising must be displayed in a standard sans serif type that

    • (a) is not compressed, expanded or decorative;

    • (b) as illustrated in the schedule, has a large x-height relative to the ascender or descender of the type; and

    • (c) is black, on a background that is white, or white, on a background that is black.

  • Marginal note:Characters in text — health warning

    (2) Each character in the text must have the same font and type size.

  • Marginal note:Text of health warning

    (3) The health warning must be displayed in such a manner that

    • (a) the first word is in upper case letters and bold type;

    • (b) the remaining text is capitalized in the same manner as in the List of Health Warnings for Vaping Product Advertising and it is not in bold type; and

    • (c) if the health warning is displayed on more than one line of text, the letters in each word appear on the same line of text.

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