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Explosives Regulations, 2013

Version of section 492 from 2018-11-02 to 2023-06-02:

Marginal note:Record of sale

  •  (1) A record of each sale of ammonium nitrate must be kept for two years after the date of the sale. The record must include the following information and documents:

    • (a) the buyer’s name, address and telephone number;

    • (b) the date of the sale;

    • (c) the bill of lading, sales receipt or similar document;

    • (d) the type of document provided under section 490 and the document’s reference number;

    • (e) the Footnote *product name and quantity of the ammonium nitrate sold;

    • (f) an indication of whether the ammonium nitrate was sold in bulk or in packages;

    • (g) if the ammonium nitrate was sold in packages, the weight or volume of each package;

    • (h) a description of how the ammonium nitrate will be used;

    • (i) if the ammonium nitrate was shipped, the driver’s licence number, the estimated and actual date of delivery, the address to which it is delivered and the quantity received; and

    • (j) if delivery was made at the time of purchase, a receipt signed by the buyer including the information required under paragraphs (a) and (b) and (d) to (h).

  • Marginal note:Annual sales contract

    (2) In the case of a component seller who has entered into an annual sales contract with a buyer, the information required under paragraphs (1)(d) and (h) need only be recorded once in each calendar year.

  • Marginal note:Access

    (3) The record of sale must be kept locked up when it is not being used and must be made available only to a person who needs access to it in the course of their employment.

  • Marginal note:Exemption — records

    (4) This section does not apply if the quantity of ammonium nitrate sold is 1 kg or less.

    Note: This exception for small sales of ammonium nitrate applies only to the requirement to keep a record of sale.

  • SOR/2016-75, s. 39
  • SOR/2018-231, s. 44(F)

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