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Explosives Regulations, 2013

Version of section 281 from 2013-11-27 to 2014-01-31:

The following provision is not in force.

Marginal note:Storage requirements — dwelling

  •  (1) When small arms cartridges are stored in a dwelling, they must be stored away from flammable substances and sources of ignition. People not authorized by the user must not be given unlimited access to the cartridges.

  • Marginal note:Storage requirements — storage unit

    (2) When small arms cartridges are stored in a Footnote *storage unit,

    • (a) the storage unit must be located in a dry place, away from flammable substances and sources of ignition;

    • (b) the storage unit must be constructed and maintained to prevent unauthorized access and to protect the contents from weather;

    • (c) if the storage unit is a container, it must not impede exit in case of fire;

    • (d) if the storage unit is not a container, all exits must be kept unobstructed;

    • (e) any shelving in the storage unit must be made from a non-sparking material (for example, wood or painted metal);

    • (f) nothing other than propellant powder, percussion caps or black powder cartouches may be stored with the small arms cartridges;

    • (g) small arms cartridges, propellant powder, percussion caps and black powder cartouches must be stored separately from one another (for example, on different shelves or separated by a wooden barrier);

    • (h) the storage unit must be Footnote *attended when it is unlocked;

    • (i) the storage unit must be kept clean, dry, organized and free of grit;

    • (j) any spill, leakage or other contamination in the storage unit must be cleaned up immediately;

    • (k) precautions that minimize the likelihood of fire in or near the storage unit must be taken; and

    • (l) a sign that displays the words “Danger — Fire Hazard/Risque d’incendie” in letters at least 10 cm high and that prohibits smoking using letters, or a symbol, at least 10 cm high must be posted on the storage unit in a clearly visible location.

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